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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DIY Week-Laundry Detergent and Diaper Rash Cream!

I know how excited everyone is over DIY stuff especially my Stay-at-home-mamas! So this week I am compiling some shiznat I have made in the last few weeks so I can tell you the pros and cons of it all!

First was Laundry Detergent: I can't tell you how much my blood boils when I have to spend $$ on soap to clean my clothes with, and not like a little $$ but ALOT of $$, then top it off with the huge jugs that the stuff comes in it's ridic. And I know they make the super-concentrated crap but we do SOO much laundry since having a little one and I am not buying one every week, that is what Costco is for.

Looked at a few sites, I was looking for something easy but yet will do the job esp with dirty food bibs and my Husbands extremely smelly socks that I work next to everyday :)

Found this one on a site called DIY Natural LINK He's got some good stuff on here, I esp liked that he made a powder soap, since Liquid is kind of the same cost-wise and Powder I feel is less messy. I totally forgot that there is a health foods store right down the street from me and I went to Walmart to find a Laundry Bar but you can find them at Specialty Foods stores if you have one close by. I could only find the Omega Zote bars so I tripled this recipe and it made a Gallon of Detergent. (I spent a little under $10 for all of it and still have some borax and washing soda left and 1 zote bar) But Each batch below makes 32 ounces or 32-64 Loads of laundry depending on how many Tbsp you use for soiled clothes. Now QUICK, Gather your Ingredients!

Shave your soap just using a cheese grater, after grated just mix in the other powders. If you want a finer powder you can pop it into your Food Processor which I was Demanded NOT TO by my Husband :)
Now just pop a Handy Dandy Tablespoon scoop and you got it. Normal loads you can just use 1Tbsp, for soiled use 2-3Tbsp. No residue on clothes, gets out stains and smells just clean, not perfumy.

Total Cost-Under $10 for 192 Loads of laundry...BEAT THAT And No plastic jugs to end up in landfills

Now onto Diaper Rash cream, using Cloth Diapers it is a known fact that Diaper Rash Creams are a NO-NO! A cloth diaper fairy will come to your house and smack you on the head if she catches you! No for real, they just build up on the diapers so that's the reason. And Drew is constantly battling rashes from food allergies (good ole bananas that I keep trying) and teething which is GRAND! Here's the one I found that I am trying! You can find the complete article HERE

And again I found alot of these ingredients at the Specialty food store, the Coconut Oil they had a giant jug of it at Costco so I got that there, the rest of the items I spent $16 on and will have enough Vegetable Glycerin for a lifetime along w/ Cononut Oil and another time of beeswax. (I doubled this recipe)
Now Get your Ingredients!!
Each Batch
  • 1/2 C. Shea Butter (stay away from Golden if you can)
  • 1/4 C. Coconut Oil
  • 1 Tbsp. Beeswax
  • 2 Tbsp. Vegetable Glycerin
Melt first 3 ingredients in Saucepan, when incorporated take off heat and add Vegetable Glycerin, then whip it up using a handmixer like will get creamy I promise! And pour into jars, it will harden a little when it cools and a little goes a long way.

Finished Product:

Bonus****I used babyfood jars for the diaper rash cream and old Wedding Candy Bar jars for the Detergent!

Total Cost-I would say $10 for 16.74oz. Since I have so much of the other stuff leftover. AND it's way better than your baby absorbing Zinc Oxide into it's skin :)

I hope this motivated you to use your brains and what Mother Earth has provided us for alternate solutions to everyday convenient but not always the best products for your family.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Is your water safe for Baby?

When I think about how long I have been drinking tap water I honestly cannot remember when it first started. And when I brought Drew home the thought didn't even cross my mind that maybe our water has too many contaminants for his little belly to digest right off the bat.

Truthfully since breastfeeding was a no-go the first bottle I made him was w/ Tap water (where was that in the baby books) And I found out pretty quickly that he couldn't handle it as he vomited it back up shortly after.

Not sure where Matt was at the time but I texted him asking "is there some sort of special baby water I'm supposed to be giving him"...he's still alive tho so that's good. When do I ever go down the water aisle at the grocery store? Hmmm we have a filter on our fridge like most of the population so NEVER. So I never saw the baby water or maybe just wasn't paying attention.

I know bad mom right?! After buying jug after jug of this "special water" I looked into other sources, could I just use the fridge filtered water? I was scared. Then one day I came across this bad boy and all my prayers were answered.

No more buying jugs and jugs and filling up the landfill w/ their plastic holyness. And no more contaminating my little one. Or being afraid I was going to.

 And it wasn't hella expensive either, you just screw it on to your faucet and Viola! Mine lasts for a good few months with making bottles after bottles so I feel like the cost is low since I was buying about 4 jugs of baby water a week, that's $1 on sale a jug, $16 a month, this baby costs $30 which actually there is one on Clearance right now at Babies R Us for $17.48, So in 1 month you make up the cost and you are saving some precious seal from getting it's snout caught in one of the jugs, well that's what I like to think anyways :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

**knock knock** Your Groceries are here!

So if you knew me at all you would know that I LOVE to try new things...well aside from like Drugs or weird food stuff..that's why I cannot go shopping because anything on the endcap that is "New and Improved" gets me every time!

I used to love grocery shopping and partly because I LOVE to cook. I would make up my list while perusing recipes and decide what our meals would be for the week...Well that was all fine and dandy until I had a small child. Now getting together a meal plan is so half-assed I'm embarrassed by it and weekly shopping trips seem nonexistent. Now I am running in to get essentials and out of there so we can eat or it's time for a nap....not for me..sad face.

But it stinks because the days that I have extra time to throw a meal together we don't have any food! What's a gal to do?!

One day while taking Drew for a walk I saw a Peapod truck go by...they deliver groceries if you have been living under a rock. And a lightbulb went off, I had to try it! I looked up their website and prices and delivery charges and they were not that bad at all! Since I'm in the grocery store so often I know what items cost so that helped my research. You can order how much or little you want, and you have until midnight the previous night to make any changes. O Crap I forgot....yup just log into the app on your phone or the website and add away!

The items were normal, name brands and sizes and came nicely packed, I was actually home so the dude unpacked it all and handed me the bags! Otherwise you can have them leave it on your front step, back door, whatever and it comes in boxes w/ cooler packs so your shizz stays oh so fresh!

I highly recommend this for someone who may be already in front of a computer and doesn't have the time or energy to physically go to the store. Also if you are already looking at recipes online you can add the items right there to your cart.

I hear they have locations where you can just order all your food and pick it up and it's ready to go. I have yet to see where or try those out but that would be a good option too! Especially if you are picking up your child from Grandma/Grandpa's and need to get some food.

#peapod #groceries

Tuesday, May 13, 2014's just a BABY!

Ha! I love it when people tell me that. Ummm hello I didn't take any classes in school to prepare me for this, in fact all of the classes in school just tell you to NOT have sex or Get Pregnant....EVER. I am here to tell you however that please don't get so caught up in your day-to-day lives that you miss out on the little things.

The first 8 weeks with my little man I had NO IDEA what I was doing..which is pretty typical I hear since while you are at the hospital the nurses are changing him and tell you when to feed him and ordering your food; that when you get home you are like "where's my help?!".

I seriously struggled with breastfeeding, I ABSOLUTELY HATED IT! I did not feel any sort of bond, I didn't feel like I was loving him enough...I felt like all I did was pump, feed, sleep over and over again. I never looked at him longingly as he drank my milk, I never enjoyed it or had that "feeling" that some moms claim to have. So on top of me hating it I was not producing enough for this little chunker. So on top of getting what I could out of me I had to add formula in there.

After 8 weeks I said ENOUGH! I am not enjoying this little miracle in my life whatsoever. I decided to go all on formula and give up pumping. Which was the BEST DECISION I have ever made. Not only did I have so much more energy for my little one, I didn't have to figure out a good time to pump in between his feedings, or if he woke up in the middle of me pumping and started about unnecessary stressors! It was so great to make his bottles and be able to hold him while they heat up...not having to wash all the pumping equipment and spend time with him while he is up. I seriously felt like I was in jail and I was let free!

So any mom that is having a difficult time with it I don't say "DON'T GIVE UP" I say "DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!" Formula has come such a long way and is totally fine if not better since Drew has milk sensitivities so he has been on Soy which would be extremely hard for me since I would have to give up all dairy to be able to breastfeed him. And No offense but seriously sometimes I only had time to grab a string cheese, or chug some milk to be able to function.

So please enjoy the little things and leave the big ones by the wayside, there is only so much in your control and every kid is different so what works on this one might not work for you. I highly recommend reaching out to your friends/family if they have kids around the same age and if not join a support group in your area because the baby books only tell so much and it's nice to hear other opinions or that your are doing a good job as a parent!

And those stupid papers you get at the Doctors office about the developmental stuff could drive you insane...Just be in the moment, Enjoy every little victory even if it's not on the those stupid papers. These are some of the ones I LOVED
1. bouncing on his knees reaching up for me
2. Waving
3. Blabbing
4. Grabbing the dogs face and chasing the dogs
5. Laughing
6. Smiling
7. Pointing where he wants to go while I hold him

Even if the TV is on, the dogs are barking, someone is ringing the doorbell and the tornado sirens are going off I am watching him, trying not to miss anything, enjoying him just sitting there looking at his books. Those are the things that keep me going, that make the sleepless nights so worth it. That keep me from getting down on my flabby belly and keep me wanting another one. Enjoy it because it goes by in a heartbeat and you never get this time back, and some people aren't able to get any of this so remember you are one lucky soul; having someone to call you "mama".