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Monday, June 23, 2014

1st Year Blues...

Well if someone hasn't told you already you will hear this over and over again "Time Flies!" And it's true, how much you don't believe it, especially those nights when your Lovely is up every 2 hours it does. All of a sudden they are 4 months old, then 6, then 1 year and besides the bags underneath your eyes, your nails, toes, and hair that need to be "did" and that flappy lower belly you feel like you did not know where the time went. Weren't you JUST pregnant? Weren't we JUST looking at baby stuff for the registry? Didn't we JUST get married? That is probably all true but whether you like it or not everyone just keeps getting older including you.

Now instead of loathing your friends who still don't have kids (maybe you aren't?) You will start reminiscing on all the great things that have happened in that last year. Well at least I am anyway, I started planning Drew's 1yr Bday party and starting crying at the same time..He ALREADY doesn't want to snuggle as often and next week he will probably ALREADY be embarrassed of me in front of his friends! So I sit in my corner and have a ball-a-thon while Matt laughs at me..Whatever....Where's a Mousekatool when you need one!

And along with alot of my friends we start thinking about building our family...should we give it a go or should we just say enough abuse is enough? :) I am a "let's get it over with" girl and Matt is a "let's wait and see" guy. Soooo we have been talking about adding on or not. Well mostly it's been me trying to convince him and him shooting me down for 6months. BUT I am happy to say I have finally convinced him (I'll take the credit) or something convinced him to give it a go. So we will see if we are blessed w/ some more luck of being parents again. Although I am scared shitless I kind of have a little knack for it this time around (hopefully). And maybe I will even try to relax a little during the first few weeks...WHO AM I KIDDING. I will probably just hire a housekeeper and call it even :)

It's going to be a rough few years but that's ok, when the kids get a little older we will have more freedom to catch a movie or get dinner and everything will be alright...well that's what I keep telling Matt anyway :)

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