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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Things to never say about your child

We all have those proud moments where you think things are getting easier, or your childs' accomplishments are above standard but I am warning you...Don't ever say them outloud! As soon as you put the period at the end of that sentence that shit flies out the window and your child is no longer sleeping through the night, or saying "mama" etc. Other things we think are great accomplishments end up biting us in the ass later on in life when we realize those accomplishments have now made our lives harder.

Here's my top ten of things to NEVER say outloud, shit don't even think about them or write about them or anything!

1. My son/daughter just started sleeping through the night!
You might want to leave town after announcing this. And leave your child at home....they will no longer sleep through the night anymore, or ever again after this one!
2. My son/daughter can now sit up on their own!
Now it's a constant struggle of laying them down while they want to sit up, bottles become increasing difficult to give along with obv sitting up in their crib when they are supposed to be laying down/sleeping.
3. My son/daughter only like healthy food!
Cue the Mac n Cheese (only the highlighter yellow one will do) cookies, cupcakes, juice and fries. Your child will no longer just eat blueberries and oatmeal for breakfast...what were YOU thinking!
4. My son/daughter can throw a ball!
Start practicing your ducking abilities and hiding everything that is heavy and would impale you while being thrown at your head. This is fun isn't it?!
5. My son/daughter has NEVER had a diaper rash thank god!
Don't be so thankful yet, in fact proceed straight to Target, get about 2-3 tubes of diaper rash cream, do not pass GO and do not collect $200.
6. My son/daughter can walk!
With walking comes running which comes chasing and ends in you being freaking tired all day every day...let them crawl as long as possible.
7. I hope my child gets some teeth soon!
No you don't, holy hell teething is the Devils' younger son who wants to haunt your dreams. And who cares if they have teeth, they will learn how to eat EVERYTHING without them so enjoy it as much as possible.
8. My child just falls alseep in the car.
Yes when they are young they do or did because now that you said it! But then there comes a point when they get bored and are throwing that heavy ass Vtech toy at your head while you are on the highway. Now I can't even eat in peace in my car cuz I swear my son can smell the food.
9. I'm not feeding my kid any solid food until 6months.
That's totally fine, it's your prerogative...however if at 3-4 months old your kid won't leave your plate of food alone I have a feeling you will change your mind.
10. I'm not sure if I'm going to vaccinate my child.
First off don't ever say this outloud...Esp around other moms or get ready for a throw down. 1st off us moms FREAK out the first time our kid gets sick..even if it's a cold..don't even talk about a child getting Measles or's not good. Yes there are risks as with anything, do your research, keep your opinions to yourself, and keep your un-vaccinated child out of my doctors office ;)

That's it, that's my top 10. Am I missing any??

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What Inspires You??

I am so grateful for my fanbase and I usually get the question of "How did you get going on your blog" or "How do you come up with ideas" on a weekly basis. Which is awesome, I think it means I am doing something right...With that being said I always encourage everyone to start a blog if they have something to say, or enjoy writing, or enjoy laughing, whatever it may be. I did it, so can you.

Before starting my blog and before really thinking about doing anything else in life I needed a little kick in the arse. Enter Drewbear, for the first time in my life he makes me want to do things that truly make me happy, not just a 9-5'r to pay the bills. I feel like my time away from him needs to count, make a difference, make me happy, in order for me to allow that time apart for him. And believe me time apart is a good thing. But time apart AND a shitty job that I cannot stand together are NOT a good thing.

And I wouldn't/couldn't even THINK about branching out if I didn't have so many people to look up to. And cheerleaders by my side saying "yes you CAN do it". Along with my husband for shaking his head that I am crazy but ultimately being supportive which is what matters because I know I am crazy.

The person who most inspires me is my Aunt Dana, she has come so far, with starting out a blog about saving on planning an awesome wedding which transitioned into a very popular website known as and THEN asked to write a book about planning a wedding on a budget by Random House! How amazing is THIS?!

So people if you are as crazy as I am, let people inspire you to be a better person, to eat better, to live better, to find a better job, whatever floats your boat or whatever you need some inspiring for because if my Aunt or I can do it so can you. We can't get the time back with our little ones and I'd much rather be living in a shack spending time with Drewbear then financially strapped to a job because we want nice things. I am taking a huge leap starting an online store but I really hope I will have that same support as I do now and I am sure I will. Have a great rest of your week everyone!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Big News!! Big News!!

So I bet when you all clicked onto this post you were thinking I was going to announce that I was pregnant..HAHA you silly birds..I mean it could happen that fast but I certainly wouldn't announce it to the world yet! But I do have some other very exciting news to share, after much deliberation and sleepless nights...god forbid my brain turn off ever! I have decided to launch a website offering for purchase Handmade Vintage Fabric Bibs and also Oil-Cloth Bibs...which if you don't know already oil-cloth is pretty much the best thing to happen to messy toddlers since Diapers...well OK I'm exaggerating a little!

Essentially you don't have to wash Oil-cloth EVER, you wipe it with a damp rag and that is it, Perfect for babies starting to eat foods and all things solid and messy or even when you go out to eat and don't have a tray for the food that doesn't end up in the little ones mouth, at least this one can catch all that and it doesn't wind up in your toddlers lap..and speaking of laps I will also have some extra-long bad boys on there for the massive messy eaters or if you have a hook-on highchair like I do there is this great little gap where all the food lands on Drews' lap at the end of a meal. AWESOME.

And the vintage fabric bibs...WELL HELLO how awesome is vintage fabric?! I mean how many of the "I love Mommy" shitty Carters bibs can one have..especially when the velcro starts to give out around 6months. These are perfect for babes still on the bottle or are prone to spitups and all things liquid. These will also make really awesome hand-me downs or even to put into a collage with their lock of hair or any other creepy shit that ends up in those things.

ALL THAT BEING SAID. I hope to have this things up and running before Christmas because I know they would be really great gifts for some new moms!

MORE EXCITING NEWS. I will also have some Guest Posts on here, other moms weighing in on some important topics...also filling in the gap for me being busy with other things (HELLO WEBSITE) so I don't leave you all in the dark.

Welp that's it for now! As soon as it live you will be the first to know and check it out. Thanks for all your support!