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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cling-on Mom

So I encountered a new breed of moms a few weeks ago...BEWARE of the Cling-on Mom!

Drew and I went to our local splashpad one hot Saturday afternoon, I was mentally preparing myself for a buttload of little screaming kids along w/ a bunch of parents not paying any attention to their kids....well was I wrong!

There was only 1 other kid and 1 parent...Holy crap! Where was everyone at...well then I figured it out, they must have some kind of Mom Call-Tree that they have in place and when this particular parent is on the field they let everyone know to stay away!

As SOON as we walk up, I didn't even have time to set down my 20lb diaper bag, she was on to me..."OH HI!"...not expecting any sort of communication I had to quickly clear the frog out of my throat and think of something to say.

She proceeded to tell me EVERY FRICKEN DETAIL of her life..Oh and her daughters life...who is 3. So much to say about someone who has only been on this planet for 3 years. I surprisingly didn't have to say much because she just went on and on and in between all her fears of BPA plastics and her child I am trying to make sure mine doesn't kill himself on the jungle gym.

Mental Note: 3 years out of work might be TOO long...

I am exhausted just thinking back on this day...needless to say as soon as Drew showed any sign of fatigue I grabbed our shit and hauled ass outta there!

PLEASE DON'T LET ME BE LIKE THAT! I just kept chanting on the way home...

So anywho thought I would share that quick tidbit in between my countless hours cutting and sewing fabric...have a great week everyone!


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